ADM Team Challenge

Download and print the Application Form
Rules and Regulations

ADM Team Challenge is a fun and exciting contest. Teams consist of up to 4 people and up to 2 horses. Teams will compete in 5 different challenges over 2 days (Friday and Saturday).

  • Entry fee is $50 per team.
  • Fee does not include stabling
  • Prize to winning team: $500.00!!!

Here are the challenges for 2018:

Challenge 1:  Trivia: 30 questions about nutrition and the horse world in general

Challenge 2: Literature Match: Choose an ADM pamphlet from the bucket, ride to the other end and find the matching pamphlet

Challenge 3: Sack Race: Team member will have the sack, ride to the far end of arena where someone will hold the horse and 2 team members will each put a leg in the feed sack and race back to start line.

Challenge 4: Tack Race: Horse and 1 team member start with the horse in a blanket/sheet and halter. Race to the other end of the arena, take blanket off and put saddle and bridle on.  Race back to the start line.

Challenge 5: Costume Class.  The theme is Legends & Youth… The Trail to the Future



Required Paperwork

  • Current Negative Coggins required (12 months) on all horses.
  • Health Certificate and Entry Permit Number required on out-of-state horses (
  • Signed liability release forms for all equine riders/handlers.
  • Paperwork to be presented before unloading.

Shipping-In Schedule (call for other arrangements)

  • Thursday 9am – 9pm • Friday morning 7am – 8am

Detailed instructions will be sent prior to the start of Illinois Horse Fair.

NOTE – Street access is restricted during IHF days!

Exit Schedule – Registrants must remain fully present and stalls decorated until closure of IHF on Sunday afternoon.  Penalties for non-compliance.

Tack, animals, equipment may not be sold from stabling area.

For more information contact:

Phone: 217/689-4224, 1