Wild-Stallion.smallThere is something magical about a proud stallion that calls to the human spirit.  And we are inspired by the vision of breeders who work together to create better bloodlines that improve the future of their breed and our lives.

Stallion Row is an opportunity for owners to showcase their breeding programs and stallions at the Illinois Horse Fair. Parading your stud in front of thousands of spectators is a priceless marketing opportunity.


Stallion Row offers a premier venue to promote your breeding program. Hordes of horse owners can visit Stallion Row at the height of breeding season.  The optional daily Stallion Parade, included in the Stallion Row package, features your stallion at his finest in front of mare owners.


Illinois Horse Fair is an all-breed expo, with nationally known horse training experts, ridingWhite Stallion clinics, live breed and sport demos, commercial vendor booths, educational speakers, Stallion Row and Parade, and Horses For Sale aisles. Horse Fair’s unique diversity attracts a broad variety of horse enthusiasts, maximizing business opportunities for you!

Stallion Parade

The daily Stallion Parade (if elected) allows you to showcase your breeding stock.  Our announcer will read your prepared script during your two minute presentation.  Special music is encouraged.  Get of Sire are allowed in the arena with your stallion at no extra charge.

Stallion Row Package

  • Packages available – per stallion (before deadline)

Stall Decorations

Your horse’s stall will be seen by hundreds of horse owners. Stall decorations make a positive first impression and are highly recommended.

Required Paperwork

  • Current Negative Coggins required (12 months) on all horses.
  • Health Certificate required for all out of state horses.
  • Signed liability release forms will be required for all riders and handlers of equines.
  • Paperwork to be presented before unloading. It is preferred that we get it all in ahead of time to expedite your unload.

Shipping-In Schedule

  • Thursday 9am – 9pm
  • Friday morning – by arrangement.

Detailed move-in info will be sent prior to IHF..

Exit Schedule – Registrants must remain fully present and decorated till IHF close.  Failure to do so will result in penalties.

Add Exposure!

Add your horse’s photo to our Stallion Row Facebook Album!  Email two photos and a description (less than 200 words) of your horse to Erica for inclusion.  Once your paid application has been verified, photos will be posted.

For more info please contact Brad & Danna Hubbard at gaitriders@comcast.net